Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi, it's Lou, here to tell you about some new Macnstrobe media. Me and a bunch of other Macnstrobe members, including Lou (me), Max, Joe, Tommy and Stanley are forming a music group called "Sweats". This group is based on the drums, with some awesome hands-on effects. Hopefully we will be able to record a song or two and post it on the blog. Stay tuned for more details of this awesome event!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Production hold?!

Yes. We may be holding off the production of Into the Mind of Sara Marsh for another year for a few reasons:
Max Matthias needs all the time he can get to work on revising Split Endeavor. (It needs to be completely done by August if it is to be preformed this coming Spring.)
Also, due to a somewhat lazy start of pre-production, we weren't able to have everything ready for casting.
Another very important reason is that we were able to cut our production costs in half when we started using Blender. However, we (the three of us who have started using it) still need to practice with it so we can have an excellent quality for ItMoSM.

We will definitely be filming it next summer. (There is still a chance that we'll be doing it this year, however, that would only be if a few things in Max's schedule cleared up.)

This is a test render of the Mad Hatter's hat for a documentary I will be doing this summer about children's literature.

Created by Max Matthias using Blender